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Lift Kits: The Most Important Truck Choice You’ll Ever Make

Whether you want the rush of unpredictable off-roading adventures or a tough street-ready look, you know your truck, right down to the last angle. You’ve navigated a variety of conditions, envisioned the perfect suspension height, grappled with tire size, and tested the limits of your vehicle.  And after carefully considering the details, you’ve decided that you are ready to buy your dream lift kit.


But making that dream a reality isn’t easy. How do you know which lift kit should you choose? Both body and suspension lift kits improve the performance and look of your truck by raising the suspension or the body to allow for more clearance between the ground and underside of a vehicle. By examining the big differences in these two kits, you can make a quality decision that maximizes your needs.

Suspension kits use springs to suspend the frame, body, engine and power train above the wheels. With this type of kit, you can increase ground clearance from 4 to 18 inches, which is perfect for rough trail conditions, such as mudding or climbing. Additionally, when you choose a suspension kit, you may have a rougher ride, but you gain good control of the truck as it will maintain stability while increasing traction.

On the other hand, if the look of big tires is what you are after, a body kit might be your best choice. The body kit uses blocks to raise the body above the frame while the suspension and wheels remain in original condition, giving you simple handling and a great appearance. Also, with the body kit you get easier installation and street appeal for an affordable price. However, body lifts can leave a gap between the truck’s frame and the cab/bed, giving it an undesirable look. Luckily, this issue can be fixed by simply adding side steps to hide that part of the frame.

When you consider adding either lift kit to your truck, tire size and tread can change the control and the amount of clearance you will need. Lastly, depending upon the make, model and year, your truck will have different lift compatibility.

Choosing a lift kit can be difficult, but no matter which you decide on, this important choice will prepare you for your next big challenge while making your truck will look meaner.